Our A La Carte

Our a la carte menu also features an array of Korean favourites like army stew, kimchi stew, pancake and bibimbap that can be ordered to satisfy even the fussiest eaters.

A La Carte

boiled pork belly trotter

Boiled Pork Belly & Trotter

$  60
boiled spicy trotter

Boiled Trotter/Spicy Boiled Trotter

$  45
boiled pork belly w kimchi

Boiled Pork Belly with Vege Kimchi

$  35
stir fried monkfish

Stir-fried Monkfish & Assorted Seafood

$  60
stir fried octupus

Stir Fried Octopus

$  45
beef mountain tribe rice

Beef Mountain Chain Tripe Fried Rice

$  26
boneless chicken feet

Boneless Chicken Feet

$  30
raw beef

Raw Beef

$  35
grilled ox intestine

Grilled Ox Intestine

$  40
korean rice cake

Spicy Rice Cake

$  20
pork sausage and organ

Pork Sausage and Pork Organ

$  30
acorn jelly salad

Acorn Jelly Salad

$  25
steam egg

Steam Egg

$  8